It is interesting to make a showcase and my girlfriend is even jealous that she doesn't had to make something like this for her study. This is real great to put an and after a semester and to see yourself what you progression is. In every other study you have exams to show/prove your competencies but those exams don't make clear what you are able to do. You get a mark and that's it.

For this showcase I didn't realize how hard it is to determine where to put everything. For example do I have to put reflections on the project into work project or does it have to be at the competency where the reflection is about. And so yes what do you have to write at every competency.

Furthermore I have a lot of AH moments. Those moments that you realize something special, you learned something, new information and links in your brains for oncoming challenges. Great those AH moments. But as you can see in my Booklet I didn't found a way to show those AH moments in this showcase on a special way, or it would have taken me lots of extra work and I didn't had the time for that, sadly. I now decided to put the most important AH moments in the reflections itself. Most of the times when you read "I realized" you could say that it was an "AH" moment.