" Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. "- Albert Einstein

SMART goals

Smart goals are goals for your own progression. SMART goals have some characteristics:

S : specific
M : measurable

A : attainable

R : relevant

T : timely


I have a long goal what doesn't meet the requirements of a smart goal but i found it interesting.

Long term goal

Be able to find the essence of qualities in certain environments. To design products that increases the quality of life and to bring more enjoyment to the people. This can be done through services, products, statements, interventions and even art.

Short term goals

As a designer it is real great if I could make complicated 3d structures. This will help enormous to visualize some ideas I have in my head and to communicate with team members.
Create an own manual how to create a presentation/product/documentation/process in one style with a kind of an own signature in it.
Making a document to capture all the interesting and inspiring things I see on the internet but also in real life. Otherwise I am going to forget important things.
A visual way for myself to see the progression in the projects I am currently working on. This visual overview is also important to come up with new ideas for a certain project. It should work a little bit like a mood board.  

Reading more books, I realized this semester that there is so much information in books and even better a book contains almost everything about a certain subject, if you read something on the internet you have to start looking for the next information and so on. A book contains a wide range of information about one subject.