"Imagination is more important than knowledge"- Albert Einstein

This semester is no introduction, it is the study I am going to do the next several years. So don't wait and just do it.

Design and research processes


Water project

When we started with this water project we received information about Plan Nederland. In a conversation with someone from Plan Nederland we heard that the water quality of ground water was often clean and safe to drink. So we started to do some small research and soon it became clear that the jerry cans were the problem. Then we started to find out how we could clean them. We could use Ozone O3, hydrogen peroxide H2O2 or Chlorine Cl- . Well in short we came till the conclusion Ozone was the best solution because we can generate it with hand power directly at the ground water pump to disinfect the water and jerry cans. This was the first time I did a research so big. We are still testing and doing research to increase the efficiency of ozone generation. Also by use of cheap parts which is quite interesting for developing countries. We are using an electrical piëzo lighter which costs about 4 euro's in a normal supermarket.

Social cultural awareness

Polluted water, a real big issue. At the start of the water project you could come up with everything related to water. But after some research and first ideas we decided that we wanted to disinfect water. When you can deliver clean water to the people in a community there are several great social aspects. First people don’t become ill and die, when they don’t become ill they can go to work and earn some money to build a sustainable life. The economy will grow and the welfare of a country increases. This all starts simply by drinking clean water. We’ve been to Ghana to see with our own eyes what for impact it would have if you can deliver clean water. This made me realize that there is so much more outside the safe walls of the Netherlands. There are so many social groups present you didn’t noticed before, that’s a large group and there is not enough attention for them. There is so many attention for the ‘small’ issues around here in the Netherlands for the designers but most designers forget the world outside their social community.


Form and senses

Video ‘My visual ID’
This video was for the high school exam of drawing. The assignment was to make a ‘my visual ID’ that was the whole project description. You could do whatever you wanted if your product would fit in ‘my visual ID’. When you want to make something personal you have to analyze your habits, start thinking what am I for the world outside me. Then you have to think about how do I want to show this.

Hema design contest

For the Hema design contest you had to make a new design for something. I chose something ordinary and I thought this would be a nice design after some quick sketches. I now know that there was no research or several designs so that’s not how I would do it right now at this study but I learned how to work with a Wacom tablet and how to draw copper tubes and their reflection, also some 3d drawing at the top what was difficult and is not perfectly done.


I'm stuck with that, you, and me
For my end exam drawing at the High School I made some visualizations of a normal life now, and in the past. I referenced to all your connections you have nowadays, and you had in the past. Today everything is so much more complicated. I wanted to show that on an artistic way by use of artistic info graphics. I learned how to work with illustrator and the pen tool in illustrator which is totally different from the one in Photoshop, strange enough.  Furthermore I did some research over some artists and their characteristics.
Also the form of my deliverable was different. My whole progress was on one role of paper even my end deliverable.


Teamwork and communication

Water project
In this water project I had to work with two girls, Evelien van Zwol and Lianne Siemensma. They are great to work with but also sometimes frustrating. You have to learn each other so you can feel where one comes short and where you need some help. In this team we have a great balanced team. The internal communication was mostly by e-mail or face to face meetings. But right now we are all studying at different universities so we are using skype for the face to face meetings which works pretty well.
For external communication we used a normal phone for conference calls with our sponsors and the team in Ghana. In advance of every conference call there were some e-mails going to the board to give updates and a report. Also there were several presentations for public for people all over the world to present the project/idea/concept.


Self-directed and continuous learning


Water project
For this water project I’m always looking for new technologies and information about ozone generation at exhibitions such as the International Water Week in Amsterdam and the Stockholm World Water Week but also on the internet and scientific publications which are now accessible for me because I am studying at the university. At the start of this academic year we had to set some new goals to work to. Also some reflections about what we had done and we’ve learned to love our mistakes and errors cause that are the points in your progress you are doing something that is worth working for.



A few years ago my father owned a Nikon D200. I learned how to shoot with it just by searching information on the internet. After some basics I posted photos on the internet and received feedback. But when you want to receive feedback you also have to deliver feedback on the photos of someone else. I found out that this is extremely instructive; you have to think about every picture why this is good or why is this bad. This taught me another thing, be objective to your own work.

Designing business processes

Business plan
A few years ago I had an idea about a centralized multimedia system. So many people thought of this but in my concept there were some new and interesting parts. I went to two banks and had a conversation they thought the idea was pretty good but the business plan wasn’t. Also I wasn’t creditworthy. I also contacted Jort Kelder for information and had several e-mails. The conclusion was that I needed a rich sugar uncle to start this. It was a nice experience with the business sector.

Water project
In this water project I worked with many professionals and learned how to get in contact, how to network at your booth and how to present your idea real quick to someone who doesn’t know anything about the project. We went to Stockholm two times to the Stockholm World Water Week. We’ve learned that it is great to meet the right people. When you know the right people you can network real quick. Those people bring you in contact with several other people who can help you. The world is small you only have to find the right way. For our sponsors we had to make a schedule for one year, usually I don’t plan much further than the next week also the schedule has to be combined with a budget. And in prior of every Conference Call we had to send an update report. All those things were new for me and really useful to learn. Furthermore because we were working with Ghana we had experience with a totally different culture. When you want to bring a product to the market in a developing country I can say that’s going to be hard. You need people right there who knows how things work. Otherwise you are going to be frustrated about the amount of time it takes to do some simple things like sending an email, report, results or to hire a plumber. Also the first experiences were made with business cards and how to act formal to important people but don’t be afraid and ask what you want to know. Set yourself in the spotlight otherwise you won’t get noticed the next time. Have something to offer them or know someone he/she also knows. Yes also she, don’t forget there are so many important, smart women. Contacts are extremely important in this business world. You will be received with open arms if you know the right people.


Ideas and concepts

Water project
Innovative idea after research and brainstorming. Associative thinking because of the fire lighter we are using to generate ozone at a cheap and easy way. Instead of cleaning water only, we are also cleaning the jerry cans which are the real problem in some cases. After the basics were done I made a 3d model to help explaining it to someone not involved into the project. Our vision and goal is now to give people the tool to clean their jerry cans, but also vegetables, hands after a visit to the toilet, washing cutlery after diner. All to increase the health of people living in a world without safe drinking water.


200+ ideas
A few years ago I was bicycling to school every day, around 30km, often alone. This was time for me to think about all day situations and how to improve them. This helped me to train the ability to analyze a situation and to think freely. Quality through quantity is not always applicable but here it could be used. Also it is great to see some ideas are not only my ideas, others have them too so the ideas are not always rubbish.


Integrating technology

Water project
There is a lot of integrating technology what has been done to understand how we can generate ozone and how to disinfect jerry cans. I’ve read several scientific documents about electrical/ceramic piëzo elements, dielectrics, generators, ozone reactions, coatings and fire lighters. I had to discuss with experts in the water field about disinfecting and asked them for help when I didn’t understand something.


Descriptive and mathematical modeling


At my high school I’ve done several projects for informatics that are strongly related to Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling.
 We’ve developed a stoplight with underlying structure to take into account: safety, speed, errors, rules, special events and outside control. We’ve modeled it by use of UML and a class diagram.