"Imagination is more important than knowledge"- Albert Einstein

This semester is no introduction, it is the study I am going to do the next several years. So don't wait and just do it.


We had some posters for the mid term presentation but I found them too unstylish. So the morning before the mid term presentation I started working from 9 till 12 to make the posters more personal to our project. To give one common theme and an unique aspect. Off course in 3 hours the amount of work you can do is low but I think the overall quality is improved very well. The team members were satisfied with it. This is more often the case, when something has to be done and no one takes care of it often I will do it. Sometimes this is not so good cause that night before the mid term exhibition I was working till 4 o clock in the night to work on the booklet.

These bottle caps to drink water are made special for the expert meeting form and senses. I made these because there was no interaction possible with our main project. So I thought it would be smart to make something else to develop this competency. When I got back with the products I was the only one that made some products because the rest said they couldn't use their main project for it. But I learned from a presentation from Steve Jobs, sometimes you are doing something, develloping a skill, bu you never know when you need that skill you developed but at the moment you need it, it is great that you did it.

I'm used to learn most things all by myself but in this first semester one real big lesson from my coach was that I should ask experts for help when i needed it. This is diffrent from the High School because you have no 'teachers' you have to find them your self. I have to find the lessons my self.