" Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. "- Albert Einstein

Common sense is something what most people believe as the truth, I don't.

Thinking: analysing, abstracting

This activity is something I've done not enough. This could be because of we hadn't in the past few weeks a real concept to unravel. Or that we didn't knew how to implement it in the process. For the project I need to unravel the concept of the discussioncompartment. There are so many part that form this whole idea. How are people affected by everything. I need to research every aspect to analyse if this idea is good.

Also I could start abstracting it so I could place the idea in a bigger picture. Why is the idea focussed on a train and not a lunch room? Cut of the details from the idea so I can place it in the bigger context.


Making: synthesising, concretesising

As we continued with this project we started to make some prototypes, storyboards, posters, sketches and a 3d model. That went all right. It is the first semester so I would be strange to expect high quality prototypes, 3d models and drawings. Overall I think the quality was good enough to make clear what the intention was. As you can see the 3d model isn't totally finished but it was manly to get some idea of the proportions. How to make an actual scale model.

We used the 3d model to get an idea for the scale model I think that this is what they partly mean by synthesising. You have to combine some elements to make the total picture clear of the concept. When we are going to work things further we should synthesize more. But maybe after we dit some concretising. Concretising is in my opinion to discover the really basis idea of the existing idea. When you find out where the idea is based upon you can review the main idea and see if it is the best solution or if you have to adjust it.

Envisioning: transforming society

For the project I developed a certain vision. I want to use the creativity of people. Creativity, I learned is a general word so I will explain it more detailed.
By creativity I mean that people often react on their environment on a way it wasn't designed for example 'olifantenpaadjes'. Those are creative roads to get somewhere easier or quicker but they are not designed, they are created by the users.

Using this vision and connected it to the project I came up with the discussion compartment. Also with some other ideas like wrest bands that let people in the direct environment know they are willing to answer some questions. A knowledge centrum based on the ideas that are created within households. This is using the 'creativity' of a family, it's using the conversations and ideas that popped up in the living room in every house.

I realized that if you have a vision it is easier to work with it. Cause you have one common goal you want to work to. I like this way of working cause I'm positive and I often want the impossible to be created in a society.

Just as I mentioned earlier in the competency Social Cultural Awareness I have also a vision about the start of a design process. If you are up to date with all the new things around you and you are walking in front of the masses you can come up with things for a new idea/concept without doing many research. This will help me to act quicker and to create/adjust my vision any moment.

Exploring: validating in context


The visions needs some foundation. The ideas are partly generated with the vision in mind. If I want that the ideas are well focussed on the users they have to be adjusted to the wishes of the users. This is hard cause a vision can have as a target a way of living in the future. The users at this moment aren't used to that way of living so they will deny that the vision is well based upon the users.

I think that one of the best ways to discover if the vision is good to test the products that were born out of that vision. Often it is easier for users to see if they could work with the product or in the (near) future, than analysing and commenting on a vision somewhere for the future.

One of my visions is that everyone has knowledge to share. I connected this with the upcoming challenge of disappearing knowledge in the business sectors cause many people are going with retirement. I asked a lot of people what they thought about the idea that they could use knowledge of others. The answer was that everyone believes they could learn from older people than himself or if they were pretty old they thought that they had knowledge to share.

This means that it is hard to prove your visions but the ideas or concepts can help. The users are my target so I have to connect the competency User focus and Perspective really well with validating the ideas or concepts.