"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."- Albert Einstein

Einstein had some time to think about life, science and Industrial Design.


The world is ready for new innovations, it always is.

When you look around on this world there is always one thing present, creativity. No matter where you are you will always find people doing things on a way you never expected. This is something I found extremely interesting and I can really enjoy that sort of creativity. How can you use that creativity in your products? Or maybe it isn’t something you want to ‘design’ into your products but will it be included at the moment you give it away? 



My vision is under construction, it always is and it always will be. This can be a part of my vision how to live your life. Be critical, listen, see and change.


Of course when you are busy with your new product, a design for people you have to take into account what they want, what is their behavior and how does that relate to the product you are designing? This is logically; I’m also really interested in the underlying details. When are people satisfied with a product and are they enjoying it, I want to help people to realize the small things in life, to enjoy them and get respect and love for the world, every part. I know this will be hard, maybe even extremely hard but hey, why not? Be optimistic and you can change the world.