DG000 Booklet

The intention of DG000 is in my opinion to learn how the system works. You get from everything one little piece and you have to find out what you have to do with that. But this assignment was also one of the reasons that the start of this study was really confusing. What was exactly an assignment, what where to expert meetings, how does this intervene with your project, what did DG001 inside this assignment, where do I have to be, where to find my timetable, where and how to deliver my final deliverable. These things all became clear after I made the booklet so eventually this assignment was really useful but I think that there can me a more and clear way to give the students some more information about what they have to do and a more centralized information point.

The booklet was fun to make although some things were hard to understand I think I covered the most important pieces. The picture is the final deliverable.

 picture1 feedback

DG220 Introducing electronics

DG220 was an assignment I chose after advice from another student, a B2.1 student. This is one of the reasons I like this study, the contact with older students is pretty direct and always present, great! This assignment was to increase the level in electronics. I saw a lot of people working with breadboards and wires but was a little bit afraid about it because I had no experience with that. After this assignment I can look to a breadboard with confidence because I may not know everything about it but I now know what to ask if I need help and advice. When you click on the picture you will download the final report of DG220

picture1 feedback

Video for Out of Office

In my projected I had Kirsten van Dam as Coach she together with Sam colijn are having a company called Out of Office. This company is a trending, branding and design company. Kirsten asked me and Yannick Brouwer if we wanted to make a video about a seminar.  Of course I said yes. This was really interesting and our first experiences in the ‘real’ design world. We had three cameras and recorded the sound through an external soundcard. After that we had to edit everything which was harder than we thought because it had to be one logical story but the video should be around 3 or 4 minutes. The seminar was around 40 minutes. What can you skip and what has to be in the video. You have to listen real careful and know the story otherwise it is strange for people who see the video for the first time.

Research report Out of Office


After the first meeting with Kirsten van dam and Sam Colijn with Yannick Brouwer and me they were enthusiastic about the spirit we had and the young interesting view on the world. They asked us if we wanted to do a small research project. This project had to focus on companies who are interesting because of some unique things. The research was for the province Overijssel to help the province with attracting new and young people, companies because there is a short of right now.

This report was totally new for me and interesting to do. I had to focus myself and had to dig into my memories about interesting companies I know and then to analyze why is that company interesting.

Video Double Exposure tweakers

In the summer of 2011 I read on the forum at tweakers.nl about a fun project to shoot a video with some guys. This project was the initiative from a few guys and started to grow. We had to make a storyboard, crewlist, gearlist, script and we needed to divide some tasks. At the day we recorded the video everyone saw each other for the first time in real life. This was interesting and fun. We’ve recorded the video in one day (almost) but the post production took a lot more time. I was one of the camera mans and you can see me several times in this making of.

When we released the movie most guys came to skype to coordinate the release to get as much exposure as we could get. Finaly we received around 800.000 views and still counting. We are busy with the next episode. See the video right here

SDL weeks

For the SDL weeks I made a SDL plan about the things I wanted to do and learn.
The planning was tight and during the SDL weeks we also started with the video for Out of Office. So not everything is executed as planned.
I mostly concentrated at building my own website. I followed several workshops and tutorials on the internet about HTML5, javascript and php. Also I learned how to design a website in fireworks and to divide that website into several parts. Those parts or pictures you can upload and at with this way you can make your website real easy, beautiful. I was more interested in HTML5 in collaboration with CSS3 because this will help you to design good websites for most devices but also CSS3 has different handy options to make you website more finished. The tables in my showcase are easy in CSS3, you have to take into account that not every browser reads CSS at the same way so you have to take into account that people will visit your website with several browsers. I hope that my website will look the same for almost everyone.


SDL weeks

I also learned how to work with Cinema 4d, sadly I lost the evidence because I formatted my hard disk of my computer because the standard laptop was not so fast for video editing I installed a SSD and extra ROM memory. This will help to increase the power of the standard school laptops. If you want explanation about these parts you can send me an email.
Furthermore I visited the Dutch Design week to come up with new ideas and to stay up to date. I also visited the International Water Week in Amsterdam for the same reasons as the Dutch Design Week but this for a more technical level.