"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough"- Albert Einstein

I do think about my future. It can help you to determine what you have to do today.

Future work

Off course I can't predict what for final deliverables I will deliver next semester but I have some ideas that I want to make oncoming semester.


First I want to make a 3d model. After I made that 3d model I'll send it to a company with 3d printers and I will print something in silver.


The water project will continue and at the end of this semester we have to present our progress in America so there would be new work to show if it is relevant for this study, if I improved my competencies.


Furthermore I have a document with more than 200 interesting ideas. The intention was that if I would have no inspiration for a project I could look in the database and search for an idea. I realized this semester that the change is so small that I could use an idea for a certain project that I am going to use it for something different. When I have spare time I will start to develop one idea. Not to much but to a level that I can see if it has potential or not. This will increase my competencies and the value of the ideas.