Water project

In VWO 5 I started together with Evelien van Zwol and Lianne Siemensma a project to be a participant at the “knappe waterhoofden” contest. This is a contest where you have to come up with a new innovative idea about water. Every group got support from a company; Plan Nederland helped us to give us some inspiration. We decided that we wanted to do something about the water pollution and to disinfect water. After some months our idea was to clean water directly at a ground water pump by use of ozone to disinfect water but even more important also the jerry cans.

report 2010

With his idea we won the Dutch finals and went to Stockholm for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. 30 countries were participating in this contest. We had to present our idea to an international jury. Had several interviews with the Chinese tv, radio NL and many conversations with people interested in our idea.



Finally Canada won with a great idea to decrease the pollution of polystyrene in sea water by use of self-developed bacteria. But the jury came to us after the announcement and told us that they saw a great opportunity in our idea and asked us if we wanted to continue with the project. Off course we accepted and we worked together with the team from Ghana to implement our idea in Ghana. We went to Ghana to do some research and measurements but sadly after one month the boys from Ghana moved to another location. After one year it became clear that we weren't able to develop so quick a working prototype so the combination of Ghana and the Netherlands came to an end.
In august we went to Stockholm again to present the results we had and a rough prototype I made together with my neighbor.
In Stockholm we had some conversations with our sponsors and they said they wanted to continue with the project, great news and that means that we are still working at this project.

See our blog for more information. tumblr

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Business plan

A few years ago I made a business plan about an idea I had. The idea was a centralized multi-media device what would act as a server for your home, a multimedia hub. In combination with subscriptions like; spotify, zune pass and itunes. This would be a total integrated device in every aspect you could think of.  
The reaction of the two banks I went to was that they thought it was a great idea but I wasn’t creditworthy, not even close. And also the business plan was lacking any financial details furthermore I had no real research to prove that the market was going to shift to subscriptions for movies and music. I now see this as an interesting learning assignment. I invested a lot of time to read how to make a business plan, what I need to start an own company. And to describe the idea at my best. Making 3d models to make clear to my parents and friends what I meant. Conclusion, interesting idea with some good thinking and nowadays there is proof that the market was indeed shifting to subscriptions and centralized systems in the “cloud”.

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My visual ID


This video was also for an Drawing Exam but not the final but School Exam.
This video shows one day of my life. What is my visual identity for the people who see me. This video was made by use of video, stop motion and time lapse. It took about half a year to capture all the images and a week to edit everything. The music is played by myself but composed through Ludovico Einaudi. Allmost everything is done alone with use of a tripod and timers. See this video and more at vimeo



This assignment was also for Drawing. We had to design a new product for the Hema design challenge. I chose for a vase. I liked the challenge to draw this image digitally because copper is hard to draw and digital drawing was totally new for me. I used a Wacom tablet but the first sketches were on paper.


200+ ideas

Every day bicycling to school and coming up with new ideas is great. But soon one of my best ideas was born. Write down every idea you have. I typed the ideas into a sms and when I was home I wrote it into a google docs document.  This means that I’m the only one to access the document but I can access it everywhere. This document is not only about ideas but also interesting opinions, visions, technologies and statements.



UML, Unified Modeling Language. This is one of the projects we’ve done for informatics that are interesting for this study. This project was about modeling a stop light. We had to take into account several aspects. Download the report





As you could read I taught myself how to control a DSLR Camera and the techniques behind it. This all by using the information at several forums where you had to comment at other pictures to receive comments on your own pictures. You can decide yourself what you think about the quality of the pictures. To see all other pictures visit my flickr website.